«Peterfood» —
exhibition sponsorship is a special tool for your business development
Planning your business development in the North-Western region of Russia?
Food business executives are your targeted audience?
Do you see the retail chains as your strategic partners for sales growth?

We would be happy to see you as the "Peterfood" exhibition sponsor!
«Peterfood» exhibition sponsorship will provide your company with possibilities to:
    • Strengthen the company's image and promote your brand among nearly every active food business companies of the North-West from manufacturers, distributors and retail chains to the related products' suppliers
    • Confirm your market dominance, to attract the overall attention of the targeted audience and the mass media to your booth at the exhibition
    • Introduce your company as an expert in your field and present new products/services
    • Increase the recognizability of your brand by the retail chains' buyers, present them your new products, increase the effectiveness of negotiations and speed up the profitable contracts' conclusion.
    The sponsoring company receives priority access to the exhibition audience through various channels before, during and after the event.
    «Peterfood» exhibition audience coverage:
    • 200 000+
      www.peterfood.ru web-site unique visitors per year
    • 60 изданий
      specialized magazines editions and portals
    • over 1 000 000
      direct mailing recipients from the targeted audience database
    • 450
      food suppliers
    • 75 000
      food market professionals of the North-Western region of Russia visitors
    • over 100
      buyers from 50 retail chains and purchasing alliances
    • over 10 000
      received e-tickets
    • 100 000
      companies in the electronic mailings database
    Your company may become:
    • General sponsor of the «Peterfood» exhibition
    • Registration sponsor of the «Peterfood» exhibition
    • Catalog sponsor of the «Peterfood» exhibition
    • Sponsor of the St. Petersburg «Big City Trade» Food Forum
    • Sponsor of the Chains' Wholesale Centre™ of the North-Western region of Russia
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