November 17-19, 2020
Saint Petersburg, Expoforum
  • St. Petersburg and North-Western region of Russia are the largest in Russia by food consumption moreover the demand is constantly growing.

  • More than 90% of all food products in St. Petersburg are sold through retail chains, with which you can negotiate at Peterfood

  • Peterfood is not only the main St. Petersburg annual food exhibition but also the largest one of the North-Western Region of Russia which has been held for 28 years.
4 main reasons to become a participant of the Peterfood exhibition:
2. You may conduct negotiations with at least 40 representatives of retail chains right at your booth
  • More than 100 retail chains' representatives of all leading retail chains of the North-Western region annually visit this exhibition searching for new suppliers.

  • You will be able to demonstrate your entire product range, organize sampling and individual negotiations with the retail chains' representatives in a comfortable atmosphere right at your Booth which can serve as your external office.

  • Only at Peterfood organizers directly introduce buyers and suppliers to each other*!
3. Due to special program it is possible to negotiate with retail chains' representatives YOU are interested in.
It is possible to invite senior buyers from all over the region to your Booth using a unique database accumulated over 28 years of organizing Peterfood, Prodexpo and other food exhibitions.

After direct negotiations at your Booth the following companies might become your customers:
  • Wholesale and distribution companies
  • Network and traditional retai
  • Online store
  • Restaurants, bars, hotels
  • Governmental customer

An unprecedented business program for the whole exhibition duration designed specifically for retail chains and exhibitors:

  • The main food forum "Big City Trade", where you alongside with retail chains' buyers will acquire all necessary information about the development of food retail in St. Petersburg.
  • The highlight of the exhibition — Chains' Wholesale Centre™ — individual negotiations with 100 retail chains' buyers
  • Competitions, where you can personally communicate with the retail chains' representatives at the sampling of your products
  • Communication with the retail chains' representatives at the Informal atmosphere of the Directors' Theatric Banquet
    And much more!
4. Joint events program for retail chains' representatives and suppliers
1. Introduce your product to the market of St. Petersburg and the North-Western region of Russia
*«Active Chain Participation»™ program participants exclusive
«Peterfood» — is your assistant for entering 40 retail chains of the North-Western region of Russia Step-by-step technology:
  • 1. Book a Booth in the “Active Chain Participation” area
  • 2. Organize sampling
  • 3. Become a “Big City Trade” food forum delegate
  • 4. Conduct negotiations at the Chains’ Wholesale Centre™
  • 5. Take part in the Banquet with the buyers!
  • 6. Win prestigious medals and awards in manufacturers’ competitions.
The organizers will certainly lead retail buyers to your booth
Over 7,000 business visitors will see your booth: retail, wholesalers, Horeca
You will find out what products are required for North-West retail chains and how it is beneficial to negotiate with them.
You will agree on deliveries with buyers of 20-40 retail chains!
You will establish informal personal contacts with purchasers!
Raise the value of your brand in the eyes of retail chains buyers and consumers!
Order the program
«regional partnership»
To further increase the efficiency of the exhibition participation you should
at the Chains' Wholesale Centre™ and buyers' Lounge as well as organize your products sampling for the buyers
Become the exhibition sponsor
and we will invite regional wholesalers and distributors to your Booth for negotiations
Book promotional booths
and you will be provided with maximal advertising possibilities at the exhibition!
Why we do guarantee the result:
This is one of the most long-term exhibition projects in the modern history of Russia attended by nearly every participant of the St. Petersburg and the entire North-Western region food business.
The concept is based on the retail chains' suppliers very own experience. We have all insiders' information needed by the suppliers to make successful deals in our region's economic environment!
For YOU, we have come up with the idea of Chains' Wholesale Centre™, which has been providing possibilities for individual negotiations for over 20 years, helping suppliers to reach the actual stage of signing contracts with the retail chains.
We hold more than 100 business events per year and since 2013 we are record holders in The Russian Book of Records, moreover we are the authors of several know-how in the business meetings industry.
How is the exhibition «Petefood»
«Peterfood» exhibition photo gallery
Thematic sections of the exhibition
Confectionery and bakery products

Meat and meat products. Sausage products. Poultry. Eggs
Snacks, nuts, dried fruits
Dairy products. Cheese
Frozen goods. Semiprepared foods
Vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, berries, wild harvest
Eco and bio products. Healthy food
Grocery and cereals
Canned food, sauces, ketchups, spices
Pet food

Fish and seafood
Equipment and services salon
Honey and apiculture products
Glassware and packages
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
Tea. Coffee
Why is it profitable for regional manufacturers to supply products to the North-West of Russia?
St. Petersburg is the second largest food market in Russia (1.8 trillion rubles per year) which is in dire need of new suppliers from other regions of the country.
According to retail chains, buyers are interested in more than 70% of the regional suppliers' proposals.
Retail Chains
65% of all products are sold through retail chains, which means that 1-2 successful contracts with retail chain might allow you to confidently enter the regional market.
Developed infrastructure of roadnets, commercial ports and railway hub.
Visitors Statistics
Attendance: 7-8 thousand persons
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